You can still LIKE your Yearbook Photo {High School Yearbook Photographer}

Yearbook photos are traditionally done by the school – you know, you get a postcard automatically from “the school” (which isn’t really the school – they give the mailing list to their contract photographer to market the senior parents).  You are automatically signed up for a “session” and on your appointed date and time you line up with all the others just like you.  You sit in their chair and smile as quickly as you can because there are ten others waiting for their timeslot too.  Fun, huh?

Well, what if you don’t like your yearbook photo?  What do  you do?

In many cases, you don’t have to use the school’s photographer for your yearbook photo – you just have to ask your school if you can use someone else.  Many schools let you use any photographer you want as long as they can provide a certain size image done on a certain type of backdrop and have available the formal drape for girls and/or tuxes for boys.  And guess what?  I have all that!

If your school is picky about the images you might have to  live with something the school does (don’t get me started, I think it’s totally wrong that the school can mandate you have to use any private service over another), but if that is the case, you still don’t have to buy those images!  You can easily have a session here, in my full indoor portrait studio and have the drape and/or tuxes provided for you.  And best news of all for the senior parents out there, I don’t even charge for Yearbook Only sessions!  So if you  don’t like the image the school took- why keep it?  It might have to be in the yearbook, but it certainly doesn’t have to be on the wall or in your wallet.

I take a ton of senior yearbook images each year – and sometimes I have very special cases  – like Nicole here.  She missed the chance for her senior pictures because she was sick in her junior year.  Best guess is that she wasn’t on the mailing list when the school gave it to the contract photographer, because neither she nor her mother ever heard from them.  So we did a very last minute session here, and the next day her yearbook image was at her school.

If you want a new image before you graduate, or you just would rather not have the school do your image at all this summer, call me at (703) 328 7675 or email patty@pattyschuchman.com to schedule a time for your FREE Yearbook Only session.  You won’t be sorry you did….

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