Yearbook Pictures – {Loudoun County High School Senior Photographer}

Class of 2010

Class of 2010

Here are just a couple of the yearbook pictures I’ve been busy taking this past week…just a couple of them to share for now.  I suspect most of September will be girls, and the high school senior guys will wait until the last minute in October to call!

Your senior yearbook picture is a big deal, you want to look GOOD.  I spent LOTS of time with each person in my studio to find their look, their smile, their best angle.  Then I spend lots of time “fixing” anything that needs a little fixing…so no worries about a blemish or two.  I’m happy to consult with you ahead of time if you want a specific look too.  The yearbooks tell us what color backdrop they want, so we go from there.  I provide the necessary velvet “drape” for the girls and a fake “tux” for the guys…so you really just have to show up with your hair done the way you want it.  Quick, easy, and painless!  Yearbook only sessions are only $45, so if you need a new yearbook picture, or just don’t like the one the school took – call me and we’ll plan a time just for you!

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