Yearbook Photos don’t always come from the school’s photographer…{Northern Virginia Yearbook Photographer}

When you need that formal tux or drape photo for the yearbook it can seem like you only have the one choice…the school’s contracted photographer.  Well, they’d like you to think that, that’s for sure!

Most often your school can take an image from an independent photographer if the photographer can match the background and provide a photo that meets the school’s requirements – so be sure to ask if your school has this option and if so, take advantage of the FREE Yearbook Sessions I offer!  Yup, the session is FREE!  So why not have a better image?  You have no obligation to purchase anything (although I have a really great package option for you if you’d like) and of course, you’ll have the same special treatment every other client receives.  I guarantee you’ll have a photo you like – or I’ll offer you another session!

Here’s a recent senior from Stone Bridge High School – which is one of the school’s that regularly accepts images I can take for you!

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If your photo doesn’t look as great as Madison here…why not take another one?  You should LOVE this photo – it will come up at reunions over and over again from here on out!

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