Yearbook Photos – a couple myths, and couple truths {High School Yearbook Photography}

So this is one of those boring posts without photos…sorry in advance!  But I want, and need, to clarify some things for folks that don’t understand what I do, or how I do it.

#1 – YES, I take the “yearbook pose” for high school seniors.  I provide the tux jacket (have all sizes in stock), tux shirt, and the girls black velvet drape in stock.  I have standard yearbook backgrounds and have the lighting set up and post processing skills to finish off your photo and submit it to your school.  Simple, but with the benefits of not having a line of folks behind you and the freedom to relax.

#2 – YES, most schools do allow an “outside photographer”, in other words, the one NOT CONTRACTED by your school, to submit a yearbook pose to your school and YOU WILL STILL BE IN THE YEARBOOK.  You don’t have to give up being in the yearbook to use the photographer you want to use.  All you have to do is ask your yearbook advisor, and if you’d rather not, I will for you.  I only know of ONE school that has said no outside photographers in all of Northern Virginia at this time.

#3 – YOU WILL NOT LOOK DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHERS IN THE YEARBOOK.  My goal is to protect the school’s overall yearbook image also – most yearbooks compete with other schools across the nation to win awards and they will lose points on their yearbook if they do not have a consistent look to their school photos.  I work to find out the proper color backdrop, etc to make sure YOUR photo matches as best as possible to the others in your school.  Win win for you, and your school.

#4 – I am NOT more expensive – just priced differently.  I would love to give you really exact specifics on this, but I can’t unless someone has saved the recent price list from their school’s offerings.  I know the other guys get you in the door with an automatic sitting, and I know their basic sitting is either free or extremely cheap.  But keep in mind, that is where free and cheap stop with the school photographer.  Unless you buy one of their packages, you will be buying a la carte from them and a la carte prices are NOT cheap – I’ve heard of some folks paying up to $70 for one 8×10.  And their packages are designed for them to make money – so they load them up with wallets and small prints you most likely don’t want, or don’t need.  All my prices are a la carte, and they are already significantly less expensive then the school.  Additionally, you will receive in most cases at least twice as many proofs, if not three times as many, from your session with me.   And I can practically guarantee you’ll have more fun!

#5 The yearbook photo DOESN’T MATTER.  Really?  I bet you don’t say that in 20 years at your high school reunion!  Seriously, don’t look upon this as just another school picture – this is one school picture that will be “set in stone “of your image forever in the minds of your classmates, teachers, and more.  This is your LAST school photo, and it will be used at every future school reunion to identify who you were.  Do you LOVE IT?  Do you want to be reminded of it over and over again?  Or do you want to do it over????

#6  I can always have another photo taken later. Well, odds are you won’t.  Seriously – you won’t have time.   Between college applications, senior year activities, school visits, etc, you won’t have time this year until graduation.  Then you are busy doing all the prep work for college life, last minute vacations, etc.  Once in college you won’t be photographed on a regular basis unless you take the time to find a photographer, schedule and have them done.  So you won’t be photographed professionally again until your wedding day, in most cases.  YOUR WEDDING DAY.  Think about it.  Moms and dads, think about it.  Take advantage of this time to have the photos done of your kids…and be sure you LOVE the images you get.

Why aren’t my sessions free?  That one is easy…because I am a business and I can’t be a business for free.  My business has bills to pay just like any other one.  I take my job seriously, but I work hard.  I do not have any large school contracts, and honestly, I probably wouldn’t want one if it was offered.  I can’t imagine having to photograph that many seniors in such a short time and running them through like a mill.  I love getting to know my seniors and helping them feel comfortable, and finding their expressions.  I LOVE giving them choices, and I work really, really, hard to be different from a “mill” photographer.

So, yes, I can take a yearbook photo for you.  I even deliver the finished product to the school for you once you make your selection.  I’d love to work with YOUR school, so please don’t hesitate to call or email and ask if your school will accept photos from an outside photographer.  And if you don’t know, I’m happy to contact them and ask on your behalf!

Please check out my Senior Info Guide for all the details on senior sessions….and don’t forget to check out the senior website for the latest gallery of images from senior sessions too!

And if you want more than just the yearbook photo, check out the true value of a Single Exposure Senior Session- two full hours of studio time, or a location of your choice – as many outfits changes as you want, and the time to do it right.

I hope you’ll call soon so we can discuss any other concerns or questions you might have!  Call me today at (540) 554 8743 or (703) 328 7675.

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