Wow…Best of Loudoun…Thank You So Much!! {Best of Loudoun Photographer}


Yup…we won!  As they say, O.M.G!!!

There are not enough words to describe my emotions about this – but thank you will have to do for now.  I am humbled beyond belief by the support of so many family and friends.  This is so much more than a popularity contest to me, it is a confirmation that I’m doing the right thing.  I’m impacting people – creating memories for you and giving you something special.  If I can make one family memory, bring happiness and confidence to one high school senior, boost your business a bit with a great headshot, or give you amazing images of your wedding – well, then I can sleep well and feel fulfilled.

I waited so long to find my passion – to find what I “wanted to be when I grew up”.  Those that know me, know I struggled for many years to find what that missing piece was for me – and in the end, it wasn’t missing at all.  I had it all the time – but I just need the courage to put myself out there and see if I could make it work.

I won’t say it’s been easy, by any means, but I have had the amazing support of my husband and kids…and those of you that know me know that they are the most important things in the world to me.  But “support” seems like such a small word for everything they do.  Especially my husband – who has allowed me to take over the house, the property, even the cars…(next announcement coming soon)…and I can’t tell you what that all means to me.  He is my biggest supporter, and I absolutely could never have done any of this without him.  So Marty – you deserve this just as much as me.  You are my “Best”…forever.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to come on over and see what we’ve built here – you should.  It changes a lot – but it’s dynamic in that part too.  So give a call and come on over!

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