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Oh, I am SO BAD!  I can’t believe I’ve let my blog go so long without an update.  I wish I could say I had a good defense – but honestly, I haven’t stopped working – just not shooting as much as I’d like.  I’ve been busy moving stuff from one storage in my house to another (BIG JOB), which of course involved sorting and tossing.  Then I had to buy new shelves, set them up, which meant shopping.  While shopping I found a bunch of new props, which meant changing things around again.   WHEW!

So the update…I am expanding my home studio to add another 400+ square feet of shooting space.  The new space will allow me to shoot wider and longer – and give me more wall surface to use for backdrops, etc.  I’m SO EXCITED.  Of course, it means more shuffling and shopping, LOL!  But the biggest issue is moving our pool table, which is currently smack dab in the middle of my new space.  So once I can get my kids home from college to move their stuff out of the room the pool table goes to, and then get the movers to move the pool table, I’m ON!  I have all my ducks in a row ready to go, so this will happen fast when it happens – but I anticipate having it all set up to shoot in by 5/15/10.  That’s the goal….

I spent most of the month of January setting up my new shopping cart software for customers to use after their session.  It’s a new gallery option and shopping cart to help ease your ordering process, but it involved a LOT of set up on my end!  Between new marketing initiatives, learning new products, and the studio expansion, I haven’t really had a chance to just sit for over a month!  And this is my slow time they say….HA!

Just as a teaser, I’ve been acquiring a few new backdrop options, a new prop couch, a couple new chairs, some really cool pillows and …oh, too much to list.  I hope to get some of my senior reps into the studio to play around in the next week, and I have a session for this weekend if the snow holds off – hopefully lots of great images to preview from that.

Here is one of my new backdrops – I’m really excited about how well it photographs and can’t wait to put a person in front of it!  (this is just a quick snapshot, though, so no judging, ok?  LOL)

I need to get some seniors in front of this one

I need to get some seniors in front of this one

And to prove I wasn’t sitting on my hands completely for the last two weeks, I did have another Smile Session in the studio.  This is Laurel Cope from Harmony Intermediate School.   She was adorable and I **think** she might have enjoyed herself a little bit too.  I hope to see more of you, Laurel -show off that smile everywhere you go!

Laurel Cope, Herbert Dental Smile Session

Laurel Cope, Herbert Dental Smile Session

Cope146-Edit 8x10 P HDS Color SW

Ok, so I have a car full of stuff to unload and set up in the studio – I’m hoping the snow is minor this weekend so I can play with this new senior!  If I stop long enough to take pictures of the studio in progress, I’ll try to blog again!

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