Winter White Portrait Session Sale! 20 minutes, $20, 20% off products from your custom photo session in studio…{Leesburg Purcellville Round Hill Photographer}

Ever have the itch to do something different?  I decided to give this idea a try after another photographer told me about it.  I’m offering 20 minute special sessions – all on white backgrounds – for $20 AND you’ll get 20% off anything you purchase from the session!  It’s a mini session, so one outfit but multiple poses.  Perfect for a new headshot, fun facebook photos, or just an updated image.  Bring a friend and get single shots and shots together.  Or bring five friends and make it a Winter White Party!  I’ll provide pizza and cold drinks for anyone bringing five friends and  you’ll have a blast!

Sale is for sessions reserved from 1/28-2/1, 3-8 pm in the indoor studio.  Online galleries will be provided of your photos and your discount is offered on anything you wish to purchase including digital files.  Mini sessions are quick, easy, but will result in some wonderful options for you and be a fun experience too.  Why not?




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