Why I do what I do…for moments like this…{High School Senior Portrait Photographer}

As teenagers, they go at what they love with a passion that drives them.  As parents we look at that and sometimes forget that we once had that same drive for something.  If we encourage that, allow it to grow and allow them to dream…we might just see their future unfold before our very eyes.  And even if they take a different path in life, the drive and dedication they show for something now will come through in later years – in how they parent, how they work, how they strive for something else in life.

I LOVE finding that drive in a teen and being able to bring it to life forever.  I love seeing them so excited about what they love, because I found what I love at that same age – and all these years later I’m following that drive and dream that I started when I was 16.

So let them keep on dreaming…the dreaming might just lead to their future!


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When we have the opportunity, we can create senior photos that will bring back those moments of the drive and dedication to what they’ve worked on – whether it’s a sport, a hobby, or even just an interest.  Bringing something you love into your senior portrait session lets you have a completely custom experience and makes your senior pictures even more about YOU.

Call (703) 328 7675 today, or email patty@pattyschuchman.com to find out how you can have a senior photo session that brings out what you are dreaming about.


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