Why do you need a Professional Studio? {Northern Virginia Professional Photography Studio}

Hmmm…it’s kind of surprising to me that folks even think this way anymore.  It seems we are so used to photographs being taken outside now, that people hardly remember the great photography studios of the past.  Some folks don’t even really see the value any more.

That saddens me so much.  Which I love the great outdoors (and the outdoor #portraitpark has so much to offer), indoor photography is where we have so many more options.  We don’t need to care which direction the sun is coming from, or what the background is like – we can tweak and pull, and make the light exactly what we want.

And then there’s the practicality of it all – in the summer it’s cool and in the winter it’s warm inside.  There are not bugs flying in your face, no rain to worry about, no wind to wreck your hair.  It is the perfect environment 365 days of the year.

And our studio – well, it’s something very different than so many others today.

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The above images are just the reception/sales area – want to see more?

Video coming soon!

Because of the recent wave of new photographers making money “on the side” of their regular jobs – or just allowing their hobby to run wild a bit, there are a lot of different options for someone looking for a professional photographer today.  And it’s confusing for customers because many times they don’t know what they are hiring.  There are no tests to pass, no degrees to be had that you need before you CAN be a professional photographer.  Technically, you don’t have to do anything really but have a camera.  And the ability to tell others you want to take their photograph.

So we have a wide variety of photographers out there now.   And it is confusing for people looking for a photographer because the consumer has to be more aware of the differences and the options.  It can even seem to some like the “real” professionals are the minority – well, we are…sadly.

And certainly finding a photographer with a REAL indoor studio is really rare.  But that’s because it’s so expensive to keep up with the costs of running a business and the photography studios of the past have mostly closed their doors – making it hard to find anyone except those that work out of their homes.  And then it’s a mixed bag of what you might find when  you arrive.

So the pleasant surprise of folks when they get here and see the indoor space, the relief almost when they see it, always amazes me…

And makes me wish I could find a way to tell them all BEFORE they arrive – it’s going to be ok, folks…I got this.  And you’ll love this place, I promise…

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