Why a Portrait Park? {Northern Virginia Portrait Photographer}

I love offering a convenient place for my clients to have both #indoorportraits and #outdoorportraits in one time slot. The #PortraitPark came about as a convenience to both my clients and myself. Here I know where the sunsets every day. I know the terrain so I know what works for clients and I know how to help a client get as MUCH as possible in each time slot. I’m not wandering around looking for a good option for backdrop, because I know all of them.

Going “on Location” is fun, and can be different, but it can also be the “same old same” photo that all the other folks are getting when they go out with photographers that don’t offer what I do. There are so many senior portraits taken against that SAME brick wall in the alley way in downtown Leesburg. Seriously? Isn’t that boring?

And how about the thought process that you are using private property overtime you go to Downtown Leesburg? Other people’s homes, steps, houses, businesses even…is that something you are comfortable with? Maybe the owners aren’t comfortable with it…

And public parks in the county are OVER RUN with photographers…so you have to “wait your turn” for a chance at the stone wall…seriously??? Is any stone wall really worth that?

There are other places that can be more private…but again, is it for public use? And of course there are some beautiful parks that have big fees to photograph there – and typically your photographer has to pay those.

So for me, we had 20+ acres of space…and it’s private…and it’s convenient…so why not? As long as we work to change things up frequently (which mother nature tends to remind us of forcibly, LOL) it’s a GREAT option to dragging YOU and the equipment to some place that will only result in less options for you, and the same photo your best friend will get.


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