Why a Portrait Park? {Northern Virginia Family Photographer & High School Senior Photographer}

So clients come from all around to take advantage of the growing popularity of the Portrait Park here at Patty Schuchman Photography.  It’s exciting to see it growing, and improving as each year we add new things, move things around, create new “sets” and “scenes”.  I love spending time out creating it all, and I LOVE seeing the resulting images.

Some things we do are just “tweaks” to make it better, or to give the client a better a experience.  Some things are larger scale and take more time and effort – but produce new scenes like the one I’m working on now for a Rose Garden area.  That area may not be usable until 2017, but my goal is to get things in place that will literally, GROW, and while that’s happening, I can do other areas too.

So why?  Well, really, it’s for privacy for the client.  I want each client to feel completely comfortable – and that cannot always be achieved with people around them they don’t know.  A public park typically has strangers in it, sometimes other photographers, too.  Which is not only distracting, but makes the client self conscious.

And the second reason – because I can.  With almost 21 acres, we have the area, and it’s beautiful on it own.  With some work and a lot of maintenance, we have created an area that gives so many different “looks” all in one place.

And that makes it convenient for all – clients and me.  So in one session’s time you can get indoor studio looks, outdoor nature scenes, and textured backgrounds too.  Without having to drive all over the county with two or three stops.

Why not see it for yourself?  A studio tour is always available, and I’m happy to show you why a Portrait Park is a good idea.


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