Whole Office Makeover Special! How good do your employees look? {Northern Virginia Business & Corporate Photographer}

How good do your employees look?  On your website and intranet, I  mean.  Your employee images are important – they are the face of your company or organization.  If you haven’t had a professional come to your location to photograph all of your employees recently,  you are missing a great deal!  And for the month of February you’ll miss a really great deal if you don’t sign up now to update everyone’s image!

A “Whole Office Makeover” means I bring a portable studio set up to YOUR OFFICE.  And we photograph everyone in the office on that day!  You can even add a hour or two of candid photography around your office for images that you can use on your website – so you can finally ditch those purchased images of strangers in odd settings that aren’t your employees in places that aren’t your office, LOL.  Seriously, why use stock images when you can have personalized images that look GREAT and make your company look GREAT?

Whole Office Makeovers normally are charged $150 for the portable studio set up and $35 per employee after that – the results include one color and one black and white version of each employee – full retouched, with a five employee minimum.  Your resulting images are fully released for use on your site, your social media, and your advertising.  You can even print them on your own if you’d like – or share them with your employee for their use!  If you’d also like to have some candid shots of your office, or shots around your office building we can add an hour of two of additional photography to your day and round out everything you could possibly need for your website all at the same time.  Organizations and groups can even take advantage of this offer by organizing this before or after a monthly meeting, or by offering a specific location your members can go to on a given day.  GREAT for doctors, hospitals, large corporations, and even government employees.

So what’s the really great deal?  Well…for the month of February there is NO SET UP FEE.  So I can come to your location and set up the portable studio for only the per person fee – you save $150!!!!  There is a minimum of five subjects for the Whole Office Makeover, but there is no maximum on the subjects – so companies large and small can take advantage of this great offer.

So what are you waiting for?  Now is a great time to organize your company, your non profit, your group, or other.  Arrange a day to have everyone come to one place at one time and end up looking GREAT!

Call me today at (703) 328-7675 to set up a day and time that will work for your company.

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