When the light isn’t right…you make it work anyway {Loudoun County Business Portrait Photographer}

Mike wanted modern business portraits for a new position he’s taking.  The program wanted outdoors, with elements in the background such as brick, concrete, etc.  Since business photos and/or “head shots” can be done in just about any environment, why not, right?  Well the weather didn’t exactly cooperate for Mike’s session last week- so we rescheduled for yesterday.  And again, not exactly a cooperative weather situation.  Our plan to move around downtown Leesburg became too burdened with puddles…so we just stayed in the parking garage in Leesburg.  Why not?  It had concrete…and it had brick…and if you looked closely you can find some interesting perspectives and situations too.

Then all we had to do was find the light.  In a dark and overcast situation, inside a dark parking garage – there was practically non existent ambient, so it wasn’t even a question about additional light.  (not that I would have gone all “natural” anyway, LOL).  These are classic examples of why you NEED a photographer that can shoot with extra light – and light OFF CAMERA – to make your images great.  On camera light would have produced glare on his glasses (unless I wanted the glasses at an odd angle on his face), and would have been straight on to him.  Taking the light off the camera allows me to “feather” the light on him, and raise it up really high too – so I avoid the glasses glare, but still light the “mask of the face”.  No light at all would have produced a dark subject – especially if the background had any light in it at all.  Once I found the ambient for the background I wanted, and the location I wanted to use – making sure the pose and the expression AND the main lighting worked was the challenge – but I LOVE a challenge!

Here are just a few sneak peeks of Mike’s photos…he has a lot to choose from – which I’m really happy about.  It was a fun session, and although I’m sorry to see Mike leave the area, I’m thrilled for the opportunity he is being given and I know he’ll make the most of it!

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If you are considering new business portraits, be sure to find a photographer that knows light.  Anyone who doesn’t is just a camera owner.


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