What to do with so many great photos??? {Loudoun County Portrait Photographer}

So often people ask me what can they do with so many great images?  It seems a shame to only put them on a hard drive and not see them all the time.

I know – we spend hours in the session, capture so many different and wonderful images and then folks buy the digital files and think they are set.  But why not display them or put them into a book?  Something tangible that you can pick up and browse at your leisure?

No, you don’t have to buy huge photos for your walls of everything you like – but creating a collage, or wall gallery, is a great way to show off 3-5 favorite images and yes, you can even swap out the photos for newer ones as your family grows and changes!   And consider hanging your gallery in a hallway even – – who says it has to go in a family room?  You don’t need to have a whole EMPTY wall when you go to get photos done.  Find a place!  You are always walking down a hallway, right?

Don’t have a lot of space anywhere?  How about a storyboard?  It’s a great way to put 3 ( or even more) images into ONE framed photo) and not take up a ton of space.  They are beautiful, and again, showcase more than one image so BONUS!




Or you really don’t have ANY wall space?  How about an album or book?  They come as small as 5″x5″ and go up to 12″x12″ and can showcase as few as 20 images, or many, many more.  They can be simple or artistic, leather cover or photo cover.  Lots of options and I’d love to help you have your images in this format because it’s truly the one I love the most.  You get so much, and you get something to look at, pore over, and share with everyone.

A few sample pages from a recent book for a senior client:


So there are options…and they won’t break the bank!  You can have a great session and use the images you love in products you can see all the time.  Ask today about Storyboards and Books or Albums.  You’ll love results!

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