What daughters do for mothers…. {Loudoun County Family Photographer}

Sometimes, parents are surprised by their children’s actions.  This one was a surprise for another mother, but I enjoyed playing my role in the surprise too.  I was contacted by one of these young women inquiring as to a photo session for her and her siblings (turned out the brother couldn’t make it, bummer…) that they wanted to do to have a photo for their mom for Mother’s Day.  So there is a more than a little history here – all of these young women have been in our home many, many times as they were all friends of my own sons, and over the years our families shared many experiences together.  Each of these young women  have grown up before my eyes – and I’m almost as proud of the women they’ve become as I am of my own children!

Most especially, I was honored that they would let me be a part of this special treat that I knew their mom would treasure for many years, and I wanted to make sure the word was “mum” until “mom” got the gift.  So forgive me for posting this so long after the actual session…but I had to wait so their mom could have her surprise.

The session with the girls was fun, a lot of fun.  Three beautiful young women, sisters….and most probably many, many, shared memories of times past.  Here they are – a few from the day that stood out to me, and that I wanted to share.  This session was at Franklin Park in Purcellville, which is a great location when it’s not too sunny (oh, dappled light I rue you for ruining so many good shots!), and when it’s not too crowded.   I hope you enjoy!

  1. Adrianne says:

    I love them!! Professional photographers are so lucky to be able to capture such special moments in people’s lives. You did it perfectly.

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