What are you doing with all those images on your cell phone? {Northern Virginia Photographer}

We take these photos so quickly…and some we even like enough to share on Facebook or Instagram, or to send to someone and show off that way. But what else do you do with those images? Do you put them somewhere where you will always have them? Do you ever PRINT them? I know, who prints photos anymore, right?

See, the thing is – it’s really bothering me lately. My own phone is full of snapshots – silly things, reminders, my photo stream of the good photos from my other camera. But I know that in between the photo of my parking space or the dog food brand I want to buy again are images I want to keep forever. But how will I find it again? Or will it go into “never never land” and never been seen again?

My fear – and one I think will come to pass – is that most of the images we take with our quick device in our pocket – will be lost to the cyber world. We’ll lose our phone, or even maybe be diligent and back it up – but it’s still in cyber world. Just like the digital photos everybody wants and even “needs” to have now.

But what are you doing with them all? Are you making a digital photo album? Are you putting them into a yearly slideshow of your family? Are you printing any of them? How do you enjoy them? How will the next generation enjoy them?

We look back at “old” photos – and they have the power to stop us from doing even a little everyday thing. I have a small photo of my dad above my desk. It actually fluttered down and landed on my keyboard last week. Almost like he wanted me to stop and think about him for a moment. I’ve been thinking about that for more than a moment obviously. I had taken the camera and taken that photo when he was getting sick, about a year before he died. I almost didn’t take those images – but in the end, I’m so glad I did. And I almost didn’t print them because he didn’t look “great”, but again, I’m so glad I did….

I cherish those photos of him…and I have “peppered” images of my family all over my home. On table tops, in groupings on walls, shelves, etc. They make me pause in my day and give me a reminder of those around me that love me and that I love. Just walking up the stairs I see my kids when they were little, and my family as we gathered at my son’s wedding almost two years ago. Christmas past, and vacations long ago…but I stop and see them daily…

But how do you see those cyber images? How will your children, or grandchildren? Just curious…and to get you thinking.



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