Want to be a Photographer? {Northern Virginia Professional Photographer}

So – you want to be a photographer? Love taking photos and want to earn extra income? Have a hobby gone wild?

I’m offering mentorship opportunities to up to 3 individuals. There is no cost to this, just an opportunity to learn and ask questions from someone who has experienced most of what you are going through. I’m honest to a fault, and I won’t hold back. I’ll offer critique of your work as it might pertain to it’s “sell ability”, and I’ll offer advice to grow your business in the direction you want to take it.

All in all, I’ll be a sounding block. All for free. Because I want to give back, but also because I want new photographers who aspire to this to have a path and a direction – and to know how to get into this for “real”.

If you are interested, write me an email to tell me about yourself – your interests, what you’ve done to date for your art/business, and what help you think you want and/or need at this time. I’ll review all the emails and select from them the narrowed down choices for an in person meeting.

Interested? Email me at patty@pattyschuchman.com

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