Update on the Portrait Park….{Loudoun County Photographer}

So Phase “One” will begin next Monday, March 10th…the first day of waterfall construction.  The landscape company, Wildwood Landscapes in Purcellville, expects the construction to take up to two weeks (depending on weather I’m sure) and while they are working on that I’ll be trying to figure out the plantings in the area and other areas around the property.

Some things I begin working on at this time of year include my new wildflower areas (seeds are here, just waiting on sunshine and warmth), repainting props that need it after the winter and setting up areas that were broken down for the winter.  The pond area will need some attention, and I want to get some new ideas for down there also from Wildwood – which I know will be exciting too!

Phase “Two” is on hold.. unfortunately.  I hope I can tell you all something by summer, but at this point the hope is waning for that this year as we’ve run into some stumbling blocks that are impacting our ability to make that Phase “GO”.  Please keep an eye on Facebook – if this changes I’ll tell the world there first!

So keep your fingers crossed that the significant snow is done and we can move forward on the spring plantings…because I have a LOT to do and a very little time to get it all DONE before the spring sessions start rolling in here!


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