Tim wanted a new Business Portrait….{Virginia Business Portrait Photographer}

When Tim called me for a new business portrait the only roadblock to booking was the weather, LOL.  The first date we selected for his indoor studio session happened to be one of our recent snow days, and we had a very icy driveway to the home studio.  Tim was great and incredibly flexible – even willing to brave the long icy driveway!

I did what comes natural to me at this point, I spent the time chatting with Tim and getting to know him a bit so I could work on helping him relax and finding a connection or two that would help in that area.  Tim was so easy going, we found it was easy to give him the looks he wanted – and even a few he hadn’t known he wanted, LOL!  I love when customers trust me and allow me to not do ONLY what they ask for, but make some suggestions on things they might want in the future too.  And it turns out, one of Tim’s sons went to school with one of my own sons…small world, huh?

Tim wanted traditional – so that’s what we did.  But the easy going gracious and engaging smile of Tim proves that he has not just an amazing head for business, but he is also someone who would be fun to work with on any project.

So meet Tim – who, it turns out – might be able to help me meet the right people to get better internet access (YAY Tim! – a collective roar and sigh will be heard throughout the land of western Loudoun County if Tim is successful in this endeavor!) because Tim knows a thing or two about internet connectivity…and how to build those very useful and so important…Invisible Towers.

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Classic and timeless business portraits for Tim

So Tim is updating his image – why aren’t YOU?  Stop using your cell phone to take your business portrait – work with a professional that will help you pose, angle the camera right, and give suggestions on how to make your image suit YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.  Free photos from conferences are nice and everything, but having an arsenal of great photos you can use in social media, business cards, company websites, printed literature and more is priceless when it comes to setting expectations about who you are and what you do.  And guess what?  They aren’t even expensive… I bet you’ll be surprised what you get and for how much it will cost…or how little it will cost actually.

Are you ready to update YOUR image now?


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