Three Business Portraits…And Why…{Northern Virginia Business Portrait Photographer}

Looking for a new business portrait?  Or just want a great new image of yourself?  So many people are using smartphone images of themselves for business photos on social media sites and instead of giving the world your best image first, you are giving them the oddly contorted look of yourself that was created by holding the phone in front of you and clicking.  Or worse yet, the image someone else created for you at last year’s holiday party, LOL.

Business portraits are done two different ways in my business – I can come to your office and set up a portable studio to have multiple subjects all done in one day, or individuals can come to my studio and we can concentrate on just one person at a time.  The individual option is really great for anyone who needs a little more time – or who hasn’t been in love with any images of themselves for years.  During your individual session we can spend an hour with different outfits and different poses, lighting, etc to find the images you’ll love.  And in most cases, you need three images – serious, smiley, and in between.  Depending on your business you might need authoritative, or maybe really friendly.  But in all cases, three images is what the majority of people need and choose.

So my individual business sessions include 3 images – with your session fee.  They are three FULL RESOLUTION digital files – and if you don’t know what that is, it’s the file that anyone printing your image will print from.  And with that file you can have small resolution digital files made for online sharing, social media, etc.  You receive a print and usage release and with all of that, you are set to go for usually two years – unless you change radically or want to try something new.  Individual studio session for business people are $150 with three digital files, and portable studio setup in your office start at $150 for the set up and per person after that.

Why do I charge so little?  I love working with business folks – you know people!  And making you look good means you’ll tell your friends where your images came from!

So call me – and you can have three beautiful new images today!

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Visit my full website at www.pattyschuchmanseniors.com today to learn more and start the process to your new business look!

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