Thinking ahead…and booking Spring already! {Northern Virginia Senior Portraits}

Loudoun senior portrait photographer, northern virginia senior photographer, virginia outdoor senior portraits, virginia senior portrait park, portrait park, seniors and a pond, high school senior photographer, loudoun high school senior portraitsNormally January is slower and I’m spending my time revamping marketing literature, websites, paperwork, taxes, etc….but this year I didn’t slow down at all.  Even with the snow, although I will say having a few days to sit and get caught up completely has been wonderful!  But the desk is almost clear and I’m looking forward to the next round of bookings that start up here again this weekend!  And of course, I am already ordering seeds, and making plans for the spring “renewal” of the outside #portraitpark.  Because that’s what everyone wants – beautiful outside portraits in the innovative and unique outdoor portrait park.

Why is everyone booking so early this year?  Well, it might be because the recent newsletter had a GREAT promotional offer in it if you read the whole way through!  But it also might be because I book solid last spring and folks don’t want to miss out this year.  Either way, taking advantage of the special offer is a great chance to save money AND have availability.

Worried about the weather?  Don’t be – I watch it carefully and trust me, I take care of my customers to make sure you have the best opportunity for the most wonderful photographs possible.  I allow time for reschedules when necessary, and yes, even give up personal time to make sure YOUR session happens.  So don’t be afraid – go ahead and book now to save the money and we can worry about the weather later!


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