They’ve been so patient…..{Loudoun Family Photography}

The “N” family has been so patient!  We did one session last fall and to get the whole family in a few shots, we all opted to do one more session.  Between schedules, weather, and general life, it took us until yesterday to get another day to shoot again!  But shoot we did – and I dragged these poor folks all over Franklin Park in Purcellville, Virginia – but it was worth it, guys.

Even though it’s early spring, we found enough budding on trees and a few locations that worked well for us – and add to that some quiet moments we found in between where I got to sneak a few shots of the kids, there was a little friendly game of football.  And no one got hurt – except the knees of the pants!  But all in all, a successful shoot for this family and I have a lot to weed through.  For now, just one to let you know I am diligently working on all of them and will have your gallery up shortly.

So here is a quiet moment for Mom & Dad “N” —-

Newport2-578-Edit SWM

Hope you like this one guys – there’s lots more to come!

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