The things that make a photographer happy…it’s little details…{Northern Virginia Family & High School Senior Photographer}

Next to booking a session for a client, and actually shooting a session for a client I  love the business of photography.  I love figuring out how to streamline correspondence, make brochures and come up with pretty packaging.  One of the perks of being a solely owned business is that I get to make all the decisions.  And yes, that means, I also have no one else to blame for the mistakes!

When I’m not in a session with a client, I usually take the time to move forward in other areas – and every year I make changes to the indoor studio in the “down time”.  You have to start to wonder how many iterations of something you can have before you are back to the beginning – and yes, I have found myself going full circle at times in my efforts to change things.  The things I didn’t know that I didn’t know all those years ago!  A lot of wasted time and energy, and even money, on things that weren’t the right solution for the job.

But this last weekend I finally had something installed that I’ve known from the beginning I’d love – and that I just had to bid my time to get.  Something that is like magic to a photographer and yes, the silly in me stood there and cried the first time we turned it on.

What is it?  Well….it’s an Automatic Backdrop Lift system!  No more pulley and chain, no more tug and heft…no more mess on the ceiling!  One streamlined unit that holds 8 backdrops and has a remote control to raise and lower the drops automatically.

So, life is sweet…so very, very, sweet…

Now to figure out a better system for the other 50+ backdrops…..because there is always a better way, LOL…

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