The Search is ON for Senior Reps! {Northern Virginia High School Senior Photographer}

It is time again for enrollment in the Patty Schuchman Photography Senior Rep program for the class of 2012.  This is the year we will make the schools stand up and listen that we won’t settle for the school’s contract photographer as the only option, and this is the year I am asking for a LOT of help in getting the word out about options available to EVERYONE.

So what is the program?

A senior representative is a model for me, and a spokesperson in their school for my business.  They are photographed, given personalized business cards with a special referral discount for their referrals only, and they get GREAT discounts on products and services themselves.  They can have more sessions during their senior year if they want, by answering “model calls” when new props or backgrounds are introduced.  They will be in my marketing, on my website, and have more senior portrait proofs then they could EVER need.

A senior rep should want to be photographed, but they should also be enthusiastic and excited about the opportunity to share my business with their friends.  By sharing the program, they get a great deal and the referral does too.  I will only take up to two reps in any one school, but some schools I’ll only take one representative.  This is GREAT opportunity to earn your senior photos for FREE if you share my business by talking it up and giving out your cards.

Details?  Program is open to current high school juniors – I’m looking for Class of 2012 people.  Girls or boys.

Buy in to the program at $150, get two one hour sessions this summer, your yearbook photo if needed and if your school allows it to be submitted, get 30% off all products, and earn $75 in print credits for every booked referral that comes to my business from you directly.  You can quickly have your buy in back with just two referrals, and be on your way to a LOT more credit to use towards products like custom books, the NEW custom folios (debuting here soon!!), all the wallets you could ever want, and already discounted packages STUFFED with the things you really want from your senior sessions.

This is the year to make a difference in your senior images.  Don’t settle for the school’s contract photographer – get out there and let’s show them how to do it.  Call or email today for more details!

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