The New Prop Shed is ready for use! {Northern Virginia High School Senior Portrait Photographer}

What is a Prop Shed? Ah! I’m so glad you asked!

This shed is designed, not for storage, but to be a Prop. Actually, many props. Backgrounds, leans, sits, etc. Places for a client to be, with a controlled, and PRETTY backdrop. The shed itself is four sided, obviously. With a little front porch (just big enough), and two steps up. Steps are a great place to sit, and with the siding on the front, and the RED door, even those backgrounds are pretty.

Speaking of the door – it’s a DUTCH door. So again, half open you can lean on the top and that’s another photo. And yes, I even put wood up and stained it on the wall that would be “behind” the door. The entire photo is considered.

Let me take a step sideways here…INSIDE the shed – well, yes, some space for me to store a few things – but also, a CHANGING ROOM! With light, a mirror, and above all else, privacy!

Ok, back to the outside of the #propshed. Be sure to check out the stone side – 12×12 so large enough for a full family, or to blur out beautifully for a high school senior. And yes, even the background here was considered. The stone side is on the natural stone wall side of the pond area, in the portrait park. So a beautiful setting!

The opposite side has weathered brick…and a sliding barn door. Again, a completely different look! A senior boy can sit in the door way, stand in it, or lean against the brick. So many options.

And of course, we are also landscaping all around the shed now. The grass seed is there now, on day 3- so we’ll see tiny sprouts coming up soon with all this crazy weather. But don’t fear mud -we put in a beautiful walkway to the building so we can all get there without damaging shoes!

Here are a few quick photos from my phone while in progress, and waiting for grass. I hope you’ll come see the #propshed soon. It’s going to be such a great addition to my #portraitpark and will provide so many new options for images for #seniorportraits and #familyportraits for years to come!

So where are you going to go for your #seniorportraits this year? With this new addition, we now have so much more to offer in every #seniorportraitsession. We’ll maximize your time, give you beautiful and unique images, in the privacy of our #portraitpark.

Check out more senior portraits at pattyschuchmanseniors and think about having a session here – I PROMISE you won’t regret it!

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