The many faces of Michael….{Loudoun County Senior Photography}

Michael’s mom contacted me about yearbook photos and when I offered the basic session to get some casual photos too, she thought that might be a good idea.  And Michael proved to be a wonderful subject – a natural smile, easy posing, fun and energetic.  He took all the directions I gave him and then just didn’t need direction any longer…super easy!

Michael plays Lacrosse for Stone Bridge High School in Ashburn, Virginia and brought along his gear so we could find some cool poses with that too.  Along with a few other shirts, we were able to get quite a few different looks for Michael.

I enjoyed seeing the many faces of Michael…he has such a great smile, but I always want to try to see the other expressions I can get, and so I had to put a few together that show off Michael’s many expressions.  I hope you enjoy them too!

Enjoy your sneak peek Michael!

  1. Lu Ryan says:

    Dude – you ate captured in such an amazing way. I hope this reflects what you wanted. I love it!

  2. Lu Ryan says:

    EDIT “are”

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