The local “American Idol” bid by Maddy Curtis {Loudoun County Photographer}

Like so many of you, I was really excited to sit and watch Maddy Curtis in her audition for American Idol this past Tuesday evening.  It was especially exciting to see her sing on national TV as I’ve heard her sing in person so often and she is an amazing talent.  I know many folks are behind Maddy’s bid for Idol, and I can’t wait to see how this all plays out for her.  But I was also touched to see her hug her mom, Barbara Curtis, and her brothers – especially to see that hug for Jonny when she came out of the audition.  I’ve seen Maddy with Jonny so often, and it’s just a wonderful thing to see to restore your faith that all individuals ARE individuals, no matter what their limitations might or might not be.

It was also really, really cool to see folks I’ve photographed and spent a little time  getting to know, on TV.  I’m a very small cog in that machine, and I’m not saying otherwise.  But having seen and met these folks as REAL people, I know they are REAL people.  It’s cool.  While at Loudoun Valley High School this week, there was a call from a writer at Leesburg Today who was doing an article on Maddy.  They wanted a photo of Maddy, and since I was standing there for the auditions, they asked me if I had any of Maddy from prior performances.  I actually have a lot of Maddy from the recent production of Oliver!, and of course, since I have done the head shots for Oliver! and Sweeney Todd for Loudoun Valley, I had those to offer also.  Leesburg Today took my recent headshot of Maddy and ran it with their printed article – and I even got photo credit – how cool is that????  Full color photo, and it’s one I love too!  So thank you Maddy – you gave me a boost this week without evening knowing you did it, and I am very thankful for that opportunity.

If you didn’t get this weeks’ Leesburg Today, the article is online (not the photo, though, boohoo) HERE.  I know someone started a fan page for Maddy on Facebook, and it’s pretty great to see the response to that in so short a timespan too.  I can’t wait to see Maddy fly, and I know an awful lot of us will be watching American Idol this season as one of “ours” moves towards her dream.

Good luck, Maddy!  We are all back here cheering you on…..

Maddy Curtis, Loudoun Valley High School

Maddy Curtis, Loudoun Valley High School

Publicity photo for Oliver!

Publicity photo for Oliver!




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