The freshest face….Aidrek! {Loudoun Newborn Photography}

Monica and Satish contacted me early last week to set up a newborn photography session for their son, Aidrek.  Aidrek was just shy of two weeks old when we took these photos, and he is MY NEW BEST FRIEND.  Seriously, I LOVE this baby.  Well, I really like his parents too – they were wonderful and put up with me moving into their home for hours on Saturday, and playing with their son, telling them what to do and when…and then leaving them exhausted!  I can’t believe it, but this little guy slept, let me move him, let me put hats on him, and was even fine being naked!  What fun it was, and tired and weary, but just a teeny bit exhilarated, I left the new family and went home and crashed.  Seriously, folks, I’m definitely far removed from having a newborn, but I LOVE to play with other’s babies.

So, since I know Monica and Satish are waiting so patiently, and since I promised to show them something quickly, here is my second post today – probably a record for me!  By far these are just a couple of my favorites from the day, so don’t think this is all guys!  But here are a couple teasers to keep you going for a few more days….

Aidrek, just shy of two weeks old....

Aidrek, just shy of two weeks old....

Unni-279-Edit SWM

Sweet Dreams, Aidrek....

Sweet Dreams, Aidrek....

Newborn photography takes patience, and a big block of time.  I encourage you to call me when you are in your 8th month of pregnancy to set up a tentative time on my schedule as I’m booking about 2-3 weeks out at this time and when a big block of time is needed for something like this, it can be difficult to schedule a time that works for all.  I’m flexible with newborn dates as I recognize they don’t always come on time, but it is best to photograph them in the first two weeks after birth.  I’m happy to discuss you with options for your session, and how to maximize your time.  Please call me at (540) 554 8743 to set up a time to meet with you before your new bundle arrives and go over your options for a great session.

But, there are no rules so if you’ve just had a baby or know someone who has – let’s document this time now by calling me and I’ll do everything I can to accommodate schedules.  I’m so glad Monica contacted me!

  1. Mackenzie says:

    These pictures are beautiful!

  2. Satish Unni says:

    What a stud 🙂

    Ya i’m a little biased

    WOW i am impressed and cant wait to see more….this is gonna be tough 🙂

  3. sarah safa says:

    Patty you have truly outdone yourself…Although it helps to have such a good looking little one to work with (Yes…he is a stud!). These are simply beautiful. You never cease to amaze me Patty!

    love, Sarah Safa (Ian’s mommy)

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