Teasing you with snippets of new Portrait Park areas….{Loudoun County’s Premier Portrait Photographer}

So the Portrait Park has become a destination for my clients, and so we decided that this year we’d up the game a little bit more…and give you AMAZING.  All in one place you will find the most amazing opportunities for your family portraits, senior portraits, and even the occasional business portrait.  You’ll have the convenience of a the full indoor studio, and the landscape opportunities of the outside Portrait Park…all in one session, all PRIVATE.  Nobody else in your photos, nobody else watching you get photographed…

I’ve taken the first steps today with my landscaper for phase one to be installed this spring.  There is so much to this it will phase in over time…you are seeing bits and pieces of phase one here – a few pieces of these teaser images contain elements from phase two & three…but there is one element in the images that just might…and I say strongly…MIGHT be the bigger draw and might be in place by summer.  Stay tuned about that.

So Phase One….what is it???  Well, it’s 24′ wide, about 12′ front to back…approx 40″ deep….still guessing?

It will cycle 5000 gallons of water an hour.  Still guessing?

It is not one, not two…but THREE waterfalls and a man made pond with FILTERED, clean water – so imagine being IN the water, around the water…but imagine the pictures this will make.

Just imagine….

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So, what do you think?  I’d love to hear your comments!

Oh, just to keep you wondering…this part of the plan is only about 5″x5″ on my OVERALL plan (yup, we have that much space).  Just keep following this one, folks…it’s so worth it.

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