Just some of my recent sessions

Some say one image is enough…but when it comes to business you really do have to consider all the different places you’ll use a business photo of yourself – and how you want to be perceived in each place. For some, they are content with a snapshot from a camera phone for social media. But […]

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I’ve learned a few things AGAIN in the last few weeks.  Lessons I had learned before, but with the #studioremodel right now I’ve been facing those same lessons once again.  Undergoing this process has been an experience – and actually, a good one.  We have been reminded daily why we selected our builder, Matthew Bowe […]

It’s almost to the point where you should ask a photographer to “show your stuff”. Seriously, most folks don’t even think to ask what a photographer will take their portraits with – or how they will light it if the light isn’t right in a certain setting. Or even how many different lenses do they […]

Kristy, Jim, Lindsay, AJ, Jack, and Lauren came by the studio yesterday for a new family photograph – and they were GREAT subjects!  We had fun and moved quickly, but here is the first one to keep you guys while you wait! Aren’t your kids beautiful, Kristy & Jim?