Just some of my recent sessions

I love offering a convenient place for my clients to have both #indoorportraits and #outdoorportraits in one time slot. The #PortraitPark came about as a convenience to both my clients and myself. Here I know where the sunsets every day. I know the terrain so I know what works for clients and I know how […]

It’s almost to the point where you should ask a photographer to “show your stuff”. Seriously, most folks don’t even think to ask what a photographer will take their portraits with – or how they will light it if the light isn’t right in a certain setting. Or even how many different lenses do they […]

In recent months I’ve had numerous folks come through my studio and now my burgeoning new Senior Outdoor Portrait Park, and the one thing that is repeated to me over and over again, is “wow, I didn’t know this was here”. ┬áComing out to Round Hill to experience a portrait session with Patty Schuchman Photography […]