Just some of my recent sessions

We force ourselves to take family photos when our kids are little – with the guilt trip in our heads that it’s important to document this time in THEIR lives.  But what about when they grow up and leave the nest?  Are we off the hook for family photos forever?  Well, I hope not! Why […]

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It is time again for enrollment in the Patty Schuchman Photography Senior Rep program for the class of 2012.  This is the year we will make the schools stand up and listen that we won’t settle for the school’s contract photographer as the only option, and this is the year I am asking for a […]

So with all the snow this week, I have lots of time on my hands to dream up new ways to get my name out there.  And I bet you all are going pretty stir crazy too – so I’m going to run a contest!  This one is called “Fresh Faces” and I’m seeking at […]

When this family first contacted me we were looking for fall foliage as a backdrop and we considered all sorts of locations before the dad suggested we use their own house and property.  Smart guy!  They have a beautiful home with picturesque grounds, and their neighbors obliged us with using their grounds also for a […]

Well, you’ve seen these two before, but I LOVE that I get to see kids grow up and capture them over the years!  Addie and Jackson are two of my favorite subjects, and these kids were real troopers this morning when it was 49 degrees outside and poor Jackson had shorts on!  But regardless of […]

I have spent the better part of the summer going over my session fees and print prices and now have some new things in store for the coming months for you!  A couple things that are getting implemented this weekend are PREMIUM Sessions and revised pricing on Combo deals and Baby Plans.  I constantly re-evaluate […]