Just some of my recent sessions

We force ourselves to take family photos when our kids are little – with the guilt trip in our heads that it’s important to document this time in THEIR lives.  But what about when they grow up and leave the nest?  Are we off the hook for family photos forever?  Well, I hope not! Why […]

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Yup, you will spend less money to get what you want now – and  you can even get more than you could before!  I’ve implemented a LOT of changes in the last week, so if you haven’t checked out the pricing recently you should do so soon.  In addition to lowering prices of desk, wall […]

There is no excuse for bad photos of you or your employees – even if you are a small business.  It’s affordable and easy by either coming to my studio, or having me bring a portable studio set up to your location.  Images are everything in this world of instant gratification and researching customers.  Your […]

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Are you graduating this spring?  Want a GREAT shot of yourself in your new college spirit wear?  The Parting Shot session is a mini session designed to give you a GREAT image of yourself that you can show off to the world!  The session is free, the limits are on time and the one outfit…but […]

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It’s almost to the point where you should ask a photographer to “show your stuff”. Seriously, most folks don’t even think to ask what a photographer will take their portraits with – or how they will light it if the light isn’t right in a certain setting. Or even how many different lenses do they […]

Heather’s mom called me a couple of months ago to schedule a time for her senior portraits.  We chatted via email mostly, but she asked all the right questions and Heather arrived with a wonderful assortment of clothing options that allowed us to move through numerous backgrounds and set ups easily and have a little […]