Just some of my recent sessions

We’ve had a bunch of folks through the studio already, and everyone who comes into the space is saying such nice things about it!  It’s great to see the response to have a space that folks can come to, relax, and feel comfortable enough to allow me to capture great images of them! What are […]

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Having family photos can be as easy as taking out a point and shoot and putting it on a bench aimed a group of people and setting the timer.  Or you can find the family member with a “good” camera and let them take your photo.  Or you can call a professional who will bring […]

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Dawn booked a location session for her own property and her teenage kids – primarily a senior session, but with a “side” of some shots of the two siblings together. With kids this good looking, it was both fun and easy! Here is a sneak peek for the Wingo Family – hope you enjoy the […]

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When Beth called Brad and asked him if he preferred a barn or a pond, the silly man thought she was talking about a piece of property she’d found that they should look it – but no, she was talking about a scene for their new photos! Married one year, this couple was absolutely a […]

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