Just some of my recent sessions

How good do your employees look?  On your website and intranet, I  mean.  Your employee images are important – they are the face of your company or organization.  If you haven’t had a professional come to your location to photograph all of your employees recently,  you are missing a great deal!  And for the month […]

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Specializing in one or more areas of photography is something I believe makes a stronger photographer.  It’s impossible to be great at everything, and since each type of photography has it’s own sets of challenges, I made the decision years ago to specialize – or concentrate my areas of technical training and equipment on High […]

I get asked all the time if I use Photoshop. And the answer is yes. Do I create my images there? The answer is no. I’m a photographer – a professional portrait photographer. I specialize in high school senior portraits, business and corporate portraits, family portraits, and wedding photography. I create images that are intended […]

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Being invited to photograph a wedding is a priviledge I don’t take lightly.  Big or small, weddings are all treated with the same care, attention, and detail. Equipment is very important, but truly it’s experience you want in a wedding photographer.  Because even if they arrive with a bag full of gear, if they don’t […]

Ok…ok…ok! I’ve had one too many calls for events and weddings and although I could easily say I wasn’t ready to do them before, I really have no excuse now to not offer them. So here you go! Patty Schuchman Photography is now announcing two types of event photography to cover all your event photography […]

I was contacted by Growing Stage of Loudoun County to offer photographic services to the parents of the dress rehearsals of three productions this summer – Cinderella, High School Musical, and Pirates of Penzance. The performances are all part of their summer camps for elementary, middle and high school kids. I am photographing all the […]