Just some of my recent sessions

Some say one image is enough…but when it comes to business you really do have to consider all the different places you’ll use a business photo of yourself – and how you want to be perceived in each place. For some, they are content with a snapshot from a camera phone for social media. But […]

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Mike wanted modern business portraits for a new position he’s taking.  The program wanted outdoors, with elements in the background such as brick, concrete, etc.  Since business photos and/or “head shots” can be done in just about any environment, why not, right?  Well the weather didn’t exactly cooperate for Mike’s session last week- so we […]

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Business images are so very important – whether used on a company website, on your own website, in your social media, or in a print ad.  And every February I run a special for groups to get together and have new business images done AT THEIR LOCATION and not pay a location set up fee. […]

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How good do your employees look?  On your website and intranet, I  mean.  Your employee images are important – they are the face of your company or organization.  If you haven’t had a professional come to your location to photograph all of your employees recently,  you are missing a great deal!  And for the month […]

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There is no excuse for bad photos of you or your employees – even if you are a small business.  It’s affordable and easy by either coming to my studio, or having me bring a portable studio set up to your location.  Images are everything in this world of instant gratification and researching customers.  Your […]

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Specializing in one or more areas of photography is something I believe makes a stronger photographer.  It’s impossible to be great at everything, and since each type of photography has it’s own sets of challenges, I made the decision years ago to specialize – or concentrate my areas of technical training and equipment on High […]