Summer Seniors! Senior Portraits that is…..{NoVA, MD, DC High School Senior Portrait Photographer}

It’s that time of year again – just when this year’s graduates are getting their caps and gowns, planning their parties and buying their college stuff – the new rising class of seniors should be planning for their senior pictures. Yup, we do them BEFORE their senior year around here and after all these years of working with the schools and the seniors, I’m here to assure you it really is for the best to have them done the summer BEFORE school starts. Why?

Not only will your student be stressed to the max in the fall with classes, clubs, sports, etc – but add to that they have to apply for all the colleges they want to go to – and those applications are tedious! Don’t try to plan for their senior portraits then too because the time just won’t be there on their schedule – put aside time this summer and have them done when they are still excited about being a senior, and haven’t yet stressed about the reality of it, LOL!

If your plan is to wait until next Spring – just a word of caution – 50% of those that wait never get the images done. Why you ask? Because it won’t be as important to them – they won’t feel like high school seniors any longer, they will FEEL like college Freshmen. It’s a phenomenon that happens every spring to the seniors – and then they sort of “check out” of high school mentality and all that goes with it.

Solution? Book your senior session with Patty Schuchman Seniors – this summer or if you must, next fall – and have a FREE Parting Shot session next spring for the updated image, their cap & gown, college spirit wear, etc. A spring Parting Shot session is complimentary for all my senior clients, so you’ll still be able to get those images at the last minute without the stress of not having ALL of them done.

Yearbook images?  You have choices there – and my advice is to ALWAYS use the school for your image if you like it.  It’s usually a free sitting with their photographer for at least that one image.  Then your image is done, you are in the book guaranteed, and your image will “match” the school’s background perfectly.  You may not LOVE the image, but anytime you use another photographer it’s up to the school to get it in there right, and it will never be a complete match.  Some school’s make you use their photographer because they want their “book” to look the same for all the images.  So go for it.

But you do not have to have your casual photos done by the school- and if you have already had them done, look, but don’t buy unless you LOVE them.  Casual photos are completely up to you – and unless you want the school to get a piece of it (they do make money on the school photographer), you might want to consider having your images done by someone who will spend the entire time making sure YOU look good, and planning portraits you’ll really love, not just “like”.  This is your last school picture – make it GREAT!

So call ASAP and book your time – plan your tan, plan your photo. But don’t wait until August and hope there is an opening – it’s hot in August and reschedules from rainy days will fill up those last few weeks before school starts – so set aside your time NOW and you’ll have that one chore checked off and done.

Call Patty at (703) 328 7675 or email patty@pattyschuchman.com today. Check out the website at www.pattyschuchmanseniors.com and the online digital guide of offerings to plan your senior session exactly the way you want it!

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