Starting the Waterfall….Loudoun County Outdoor Photographer

And finally!  Weather was clear enough to start the Waterfall project.  It’s a shame that it’s the weekend and I won’t see any additional work on this until Monday (providing weather holds), but at least it’s a start!  And it’s a good sign when workers leave equipment – they have to come back now, right?

The waterfall location is a dynamic project, but one for which the landscape company, Wildwood Landscapes and my project manager for the build, and my self will be closing watching.  Of course, I can’t wait to see this get deeper so I can really see it take shape, but I’m itching to see the large boulders come into place – because everyone knows how much I LOVE big rocks!

Here’s the result of Day one:  (stay tuned for more updates each work day as they go)

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