Spring renewals…not just for the plants and trees! {Loudoun Photographer}

Sometimes I ramble…so for those not really interested, I apologize in advance.  But I’ve spent the last week contemplating the future…again.  On a very serious, and very personal note, I had a mammogram call back – every woman’s fear.  I’ve had it once before – in 2014, so to be back in that place again emotionally was gut wrenching for sure.  I didn’t share this with many people (then or now) – only a select few knew it was happening again, but as you all know – these things don’t resolve quickly.  Waiting for the process – the second test, the doctor’s opinions – the options…then the waiting again for the appointment that will, most likely, only make you wait again.  So from the first appointment, to the resulting last appointment, I had a week to contemplate the future.

I consider myself a faithful person, but I’m not the most by any means.  I believe in God, and/or a higher power in some form – and I do believe he is in control of most things.  Our actions are not necessarily controlled by him (in my belief), but I believe there is a plan to the universe.  I cling to this at times – some times more than others.  Last week I was clinging by a thread, for sure.  I never “advertise” my faith – but not because I’m not faithful – just because it’s mine alone.  I have some incredibly faithful friends (you know who you are) and also some who don’t believe at all.  I love you all the same!

To summarize, I’m fine.  And the point was not to draw sympathy from you – but to bring to light that having this happen does make one think twice about so many things – and to see things in such a different light once you make it to the “other side”.  I am fortunate, my scary experience ended well, and quickly.  I had a wonderful doctor, and a fantastic imaging center.  And although this wasn’t my first rodeo of this sort, the emotions were the same – and the relief even more pronounced I think.  Because I was given the all clear again – that’s twice in my lifetime, and I can’t explain to those that have never experienced being brought all the way to the edge, how incredible the pull back feels!

It is a renewal of sorts.  And maybe I needed that once again.  To remind me of the important things, and to give me even more passion for life- my family, and all the blessings I have.

So thanks for reading my ramblings…and thank YOU for being a part of my life – be it personal or business, I have so many things to be thankful for – and the support of family and friends is one of the most important to me.


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