So…you want an all digital Senior Portrait Session, right? {Northern Virginia Senior Photographer}

There are a lot of reasons why I have avoided an all digital senior portrait session offering for all these years. But I am going to try an experiment this summer and offer a limited number of special offer All DIGITAL sessions. These will not be on my offerings list, so unless you get my newsletter or read about here, you won’t have the details!  (Another shameless plug for the newsletter folks)

Why no all digital until now? Well, as portrait photographer I strongly encourage my clients to buy actual printed images – so they can have something to actually look at every day. Yes, I know you can print from digital files – but yet I find so many folks do not ever print the files – so they just “sit” on your computer.  And if they do print them, I have no control over the printers a customer would use, so the results are not a sure thing.  And honestly, I obsess over color correct images. Most folks have no idea how many images I’ve reordered over the years because when it arrived it wasn’t right – and that’s part of my “charm”, LOL.

So giving over a bunch of digital files is a big leap of faith for me…yet, I know the world want the files.

But don’t get me started on that either… As an all digital photographer it just wouldn’t be nearly as much fun for me, and honestly, if the world comes to that I probably would have to re-evaluate my life choice here. Which would be incredibly sad. ….

But I will offer this hybrid limited edition session and see the reaction. It has to be on terms that keep me in business – and so I still will not put myself in the ranks of those that “shoot and burn” or as some photographers like to call it “spray and pray” for good results.

Interested? More details to be released tomorrow on the new Limited Edition Digi Senior!  It’s worth a peek, and again, I’m only offering 2 of them, so grab them for the DEAL they will be!

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