So much going on….I’ve been neglecting my blog again! {Northern Virginia Photographer}

I have had so many business sessions this year, and some fun small family sessions in addition to the seniors that this year I’ve been neglecting my blog!  I never blog my business sessions, because so many of them have to be done and delivered so quickly there typically isn’t time to do so.  And the family sessions I’ve done have all been for surprise gifts, so it’s all hush hush type stuff and I can’t show off!

Here are a few of the recent business sessions, though…so you know I’m not just sitting here doing nothing, LOL….although I could be doing more, so don’t go thinking I’m overbooked or too busy to take your call!

I do love business sessions as it’s a pet peeve of mine when someone has a yuk photo on their website, business card or social media site.  If it’s time to update your image, call me and we’ll plan a session that gives YOU the look you want!

I loved that Lynn wanted these particular images in her home studio – as an artist, it was so much better to photograph her there than in my studio….

On location business image, Business, Artist, Business Portrait

And a more classic business look –

Business Portrait, Business Image, Suit, Formal Business, Patty Schuchman Photography, Business, Corporate Photography

Business Image, Corporate Photography, Business Portrait, Patty Schuchman Photography, Portrait

There are so many options with a good business image, and I have most of my clients bring 3 outfits or more so we can plan their session and backgrounds to compliment both them AND the type of photo they need.  Most folks need more than one type if business image, so this is incredibly important.  You are busy, your time is valuable.  Do it right once, and let it go for a year or two…if it’s right, you’ll love it and your future clients will love it too!

Think about your first impressions – what will your clients see before they even meet you?  Typically it’s a website image, business card image, or social media site image.  Is that YOU?

If it’s not YOU, let’s make it you.  Call me at (540) 554-8743 or (703) 328 7675 to plan YOUR business session today.

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