Smile for a Lifetime….{Loudoun Photographer}

About a month ago I partnered with Herbert Dental Group to offer a special promotional session gift certificate for their clients that complete extensive dental work – it’s a great partnership as once the work is done, the clients have a “Smile for a Lifetime” – and why not show it off with a new portrait, right?  I love having partnerships with local businesses – especially when all parties work together and the end result is nothing but smiles!

So meet Carolyn – my first session for the dental group.  Carolyn also works for Herbert Dental, so this was a great way to start the new program.  I eagerly await the chance to meet all the clients that have beautiful new smiles to show off and I’d love to offer this same partnership to other dentists in the area that are interested in giving their clients a wonderful thank you.

Isn’t Carolyn beautiful?

Carolyn - with her Smile for a Lifetime from Herbert Dental Group

Carolyn - with her Smile for a Lifetime from Herbert Dental Group

Carolyn and Dennis

Carolyn and Dennis

If you know of a business that would like to partner with me for photographic services for their clients, or for their own business needs, I’d love if you passed my business name on to them so that I can give them a consultation on how I can help them and their clients!

  1. Julie Clegg says:

    What a great idea for you and the dentist and the person getting the work done. These are great pics, she has a beautiful smile and you captured it wonderfully!

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