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So I’ve become so much more aware of the amount of plastic I’m using, and what I’m putting in the trash. Maybe it’s age, maybe it’s wisdom…maybe I’m finally see the mass amounts of it and it’s affects on the world.

I’m working in as many ways as possible to reuse packaging materials for purchased prints, lessen plastics used by securely, and protectively, packaging as much into one size plastic sleeve as possible and by not using plastic bags whenever possible.

I am particularly on a “less plastic straws” frenzy. I carry around reusable metal straws in all my bags so I always have one when I’m out. I refuse or return automatically given straws by waiters, and even have it set to tell my favorite fast food restaurant “no straw” on my drink order in their ordering app.

So I wanted to find a way to share my no plastic straw incentive. I found a company that had promotional straws (in a cute little plastic box convenient for carrying around), and I found biodegradable food safe bags to put the little lime green straws in with a few M&Ms (also customized because why not, right?). Every senior will get these this spring, and hopefully all summer. It’s a small thing, I know…but not only is it cute, it has a meaning.

In practice, this is a pain for sure. It’s easier to just take the plastic straw from the restaurant, or take a bag for something I’m buying instead of carrying around my own bags. It’s actually NOT cheaper to not use plastic…which is frustrating. Plastics have become so easy to use, to buy, and to throw away. It’s really sad that a business will spend MORE money to be conservative for the environment.

But every time I do something even on this tiny scale, I feel better. So I wanted to share that.

I hope you all love the little straws and I hope you begin changing the world yourselves…one little step at a time.

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