Seniors have all the fun …. {Loudoun County Senior Portraits}

Heather’s mom called me a couple of months ago to schedule a time for her senior portraits.  We chatted via email mostly, but she asked all the right questions and Heather arrived with a wonderful assortment of clothing options that allowed us to move through numerous backgrounds and set ups easily and have a little fun outdoors too!  We started the session asking what mom wanted, and mom’s words to me – “make her feel like a princess”.  I hope you felt like a princess Heather!

Heather and I moved throughout a bunch of backdrops in my indoor studio, and then I ran her outside as the sun was fading to play with her yellow VW bug, my old truck, and my newly landscaped pond area.  While clearing the pond area for one of my new Portrait Park settings, we found some treasures – a big ROCK, and a wonderfully structured tree…so of course, I will use them both!  Even the crumbling fence line will be character in photographs.

Heather, it’s a good thing you had a Premium session – I could NOT narrow down the results to less than this for your preview.  If you had only booked a Basic session I would have been so disappointed not to get to do all these fun things with you!  And that folks, is why a Premium session (two hours vs. one) is wonderful for both the subject and the photographer.  I LOVE sessions like Heathers!  Now Heather will enjoy a big print credit and 20% off all her a la carte prints and any canvas products too- because my Premium pricing is structured to give wonderful discounts.

And without further ado….here is Heather….leave her some love if you’ve stopped by to sneak a peek please!

Portrait Park

Patty Schuchman Photography Indoor Studio with Heather

A little more traditional style for Heather

If you are still interested in senior portraits and you are graduating this June, there is still time on the calendar to have beautiful and FUN senior photos.  Just use the contact me button on this page to tell me you are interested and we’ll work to find a time and session type that works to give you the results you want in your budget.

And Class of 2012 – you should start thinking about your summer sessions NOW – you can save a LOT by putting your name on a list for this summer – by doing so you will AUTOMATICALLY receive a $150 print credit to spend on your photos!!!  You don’t even have to actually book a date and time right now – just put your name on the list and we’ll work out the details later on – but don’t miss this chance to get a GREAT DEAL this summer.

  1. Erica Allder says:

    Heather and Patty they are absolutely gorgeous pictures! Patty you did a great job and Heather you look absolutely amazing! I hope you are enjoying your senior year!

  2. Brittney Leonhardt says:

    These pictures are so pretty! Heather makes such a great model!

    Great Job Mrs. Schuchman!

  3. Melodi Gates says:

    What beautiful pictures! Looks like she had fun.

  4. Brittany Baker says:

    sister!!! these are AWESOME! Mrs. Schuchman, you are a FANTASTIC photographer!!

  5. Jill says:

    Great team – model and photographer. These are fantastic! Heather you look very pretty. Patty, I wish you lived in CO- nice photos!

  6. Bonnie Cottone says:

    Stunning! The photos are awesome. Great photographer working with a gorgeous girl. Love the photos!

  7. Jennifer Baker says:

    These are amazing!!! Every picture has so much personality…so Heather 🙂

  8. Laura Pendleton says:

    Great Pictures! My senior pictures werent that cool. She is beautiful.

  9. Becky says:

    These pictures are absolutely wonderful. I really liked the addition of props as well as the decorative backgrounds. So much better than the average senior pictures. And Heather is BEAUTIFUL! Very nicely done Mrs. Schuchman and Heather.

  10. Jenn Jewell says:

    I love the picture with the truck Heather! I can’t believe that you are a senior.

  11. Rosemary Malayil says:

    Heather, you look like a ROCK STAR!! These are the most amazing senior pictures I’ve ever seen!

  12. Susan Farmer says:

    Wow! If I was in that neck of the woods (and you do Old Weird Ladies), I’d love to schedule a session with you!

  13. Ken harnage says:

    These pictures are great. In the right hands this beautiful girl should be a movie star. I saw this in her the last 2 years. I don’t know you Mrs schuchman but you take great pictures. continue the great work that you do.

  14. Debbie Moffitt says:

    Heather, you are gorgeous! You could be a model. Great pictures.

  15. Sharon henshaw says:

    What memories you will have! Great job!!

  16. Emily Sabetto says:

    Amazing! Wish my senior pictures looked this good.

  17. Mary Harnage says:

    These are very nice pictures. I like that you captured the
    Country Side of Heather. You are a star Heather.

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