Senior Twins…and how to handle the senior sessions..{Northern Virginia Senior Photographer}

Have twins? Confused what to do for senior portraits? All their lives they’ve had things at the same time, or close to…so what are your options for senior portraits?

I offer two options – share the session with extra time so each twin gets some individual time AND the option for a few together poses, or book separate sessions and be sure we have both twins at at least one of them so we can grab some together poses.

No matter what, with all the twins I’ve photographed, mom and dad want some of them together. And no matter, with all the twins I’ve photographed, the twins want to be their own “person” and have their own session. (or sometimes one twin does and the other doesn’t care as much one way or the other…sound familiar? but typically at least one twin has an opinion on how the session should go…)

Whatever you decide, I’m pretty flexible with having extended family members in some of a senior session, unless it will really make the senior uncomfortable or compete for too much time. In that case, I just advise mom and dad about it and let them decide. But we usually find a good alternative and everyone can be happy.


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