Senior Session Options – back by popular demand {Loudoun County Senior Photography}

Ok…ok….I changed things up a bit in the spring in an effort to make things easier to understand in my list of “offerings” and in doing so, I took away a popular session type – I’M SORRY!  I change things all the time and this is one that enough folks have asked me about that I will put it back into the offerings – and hope to explain the session types here for anyone confused by my options.

Seniors now have 3 different types of sessions available to them – Yearbook Only, Basic, and Full.  The yearbook only is just what it says – your yearbook only shot.  Yearbooks usually require a tux or black drape and a specific background.  The image has to be formated a specific way, a proof and digital file presented to the school by a deadline.  I had enough folks not like their yearbook shot last year that I started offering just the yearbook shot as a mini session.  So that’s still option #1.  It is $45 and if you wait until the last week before your yearbook deadline, I have a $20 rush charge that I have to add to that because I run all over Loudoun County in that last week delivering images to schools.  If you hate your yearbook shot, don’t wait until the last minute to get a new one done!

Option #2 – the back by popular demand Basic Senior Session.  This session is up to 2 hours of photography – whatever you can do in two hours – locations, clothing changes, etc – it’s  yours!  This session is for the senior that wants different shots, fun shots, but knows exactly what they want and only wants to spend the two hours getting it done.  You will get up to 20 proofs (sometimes more) and you get an online gallery for up to two weeks to view those proofs.  If you want a studio session, no problem.  If you want on location, as long as we can do the locations you want in the two hours of time, you got it!

Option #3 – the Full Senior Session.  This is IT.  This one gets you everything.  If you need the yearbook shot, you get it.  If you want 10 different locations, you get them.  If you want to change your clothes 20 times, you can.  With the full senior session we have a lot of communication about what YOU want, and how we can make your pictures really click for YOU.  I make suggestions, and we plan your clothing to coordinate with your desired locations.  You will get a minimum of THREE session dates and each session will last 2-3 hours if necessary to get the shots you want.   If you want to schedule your sessions over a period of 3 months, no problem.     In addition this all the time you get, you also get the online gallery,  PLUS ….. you will get a $75 print credit with your paid session fee that you can use for any print order, digital file order, or design work!   AND another little “bonus”….book a Full Senior Session and get a FREE Cap & Gown mini session next Spring when your cap & gown comes in- we’ll go anywhere you want and get some great, fun, creative, Cap & Gown shots too!  Full Senior Sessions get it all….so don’t pass up on this GREAT offer to have everything!

Now –  how about this – want to bring a friend and make it twice as fun?  I have a TWO FOR ONE special option just for those of you that like to share – check it out!  (Two for One only available on Full Senior Session bookings)

So I hope that clears things up….and I  hope you can all forgive me for getting ahead of myself and taking away an option.  As always, if you have any questions about my High School Senior offerings, or any other part of my business, please feel free to call me or email me anytime.  I hope to see you soon!

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