Senior Reps have all the fun! {Loudoun High School Senior Photographer}

Rebecca is a familiar face to most of you by now, she’s my senior representative from Loudoun Valley High School.  If you know Rebecca, stop her and ask for one of her special senior rep discount cards so you have a great deal on a senior session!  If you don’t know Rebecca, stop her and tell her she’s gorgeous AND you want one of her cards!

Seriously, Rebecca has a wonderful way of “falling” into her photograph.  She knows exactly what I’m going to ask for before I even ask for it, and she works the camera beautifully.  I love when Rebecca comes – she brings a LOT of options for wardrobe changes and we NEVER have enough time to get through them all.  But I love her picks, and in the end, more options means more variety, so I always encourage my girls to haul their entire closet in with them if they want.  You just never know what will be a great combination until we get started and have some fun.

Today we played with the new ring light in the studio, a few new drops, and then went outside and played with my truck and my pond area.  Things are moving along slowly outside, but I have my plans in place and I’m slowly implementing them to create the one of a kind Portrait Park that will make a senior session with Patty Schuchman Photography a “one stop shop” experience.

Leave Rebecca some love if you’ve stopped by so we know you were here – otherwise I’m talking to cyber space and hearing nothing but echos!

If you are interested in booking a custom senior session, call (540) 554 8743 or (703) 328 7675 now and we’ll plan a time that works for your busy schedule!

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