Senior Portraits – Yearbook Pictures, and so much more….{High School Senior Portraits}

Senior Portraits are so much more than just a yearbook picture, but you wouldn’t really know it by looking at some of the pictures the school photographers are producing.  And why?  Because that’s the way it’s always been.  Well, I’m here to show you different!

First – you do NOT always have to use the school photographer.  Did you know that?  Public schools have large contracts with companies that bring in associate photographers who will shoot seniors on standard backdrops in standard boring poses and then put a soft filter on everything and call it a portrait.  They’ll even send home a postcard about a month or so before your “senior portraits” to give you a sitting time and date and make it look all official, so you think that’s the only option.

Problem is…your senior’s portraits look just like everyone else in the class…in the county…because they only have so many pose options and because they only get about 20 minutes of camera time.  Can you say cattle line?

Well, it’s not your only option.  You can do a few things to make your Senior Portraits unique, interesting, fun, modern, …. different.  And if it’s not more expensive, why wouldn’t you?

If your school insists on everyone looking the exact same in “their” yearbook, and ONLY being photographed by “their” photographer (a bit of a modern monopoly, but hey…) you can always opt to have the sitting with the school for the yearbook pose – and YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY ANYTHING FROM IT.  Just sit, take the photos, and make a selection of one that you could live with in the yearbook.  But don’t buy it unless you LOVE IT!  And don’t settle, please…

Furthermore, most schools will actually take your yearbook photo for FREE.  Yup, no sitting fee for just the yearbook pose.  They have to give you a yearbook shot, so you can take the free pose, free session and be done with the school’s photographer forever.


You can call me and we can get the REAL shot (and maybe a few more you’ll love along the way too).  The one that you will share with family and friends, the one that will go on the walls..and BONUS!  you’ll love it!  We can redo the tux and/or drape shot – I have them all in stock here in all sizes for your convenience, and I even had a backdrop or two that looks just like your school’s if you want that same look.  But we’ll spend a LOT more time to get the expression just right when you come to me.  If your school accepts and outside photographer, I’ll submit the photo for you…if they don’t (and isn’t that mean?), if you’ve used the school photographer first, you’re all set.

IF you have to pay a sitting fee to use the school photographer – just tell me when you call and I’ll give you a print credit for the amount you paid them – so you aren’t out any money!  You’ll be able to spend that money you’ve already spent on portraits and keepsakes you REALLY want.

Check out my Basic sessions for one hour of studio time and get a new yearbook shot, or those amazing casual studio portraits you really want.  And then check out my Premium Seniors sessions – and when you call as for the GREAT DEAL offered in July and August for Premium Bookings – for the most value for your budget and the most options in your portraits.

Because with Patty Schuchman Photography I specialize in high school senior portraits – and that means my studio, both indoor and outdoor studio (which I call my Portrait Park) are dedicated to high school seniors.  Every backdrop I buy, every prop I have…it’s all about high school seniors.  So why would you go anywhere else?

As a reminder…these are the last “school portraits” you’ll ever have done.  And they don’t have to be done by the school.  But don’t wait too long – senior year is a whirlwind of activity, and they will be waving goodbye before you know you it.  And since their senior portraits are the usually the last formal portraits done before their wedding day, these are really, really important.

Call me – (540) 554 8743 or (703) 328 7675 and we’ll make your senior portraits fun, unique, modern, full of personality, and memorable.  On top of that, we’ll  make it fit your budget.

But make it count.




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