Senior Portrait Time – and the best deal of the year is on NOW! … {High School Senior Photographer}

Summer Senior sessions are the easiest for the rising class of 2012 because they can have their senior portraits done and over with before the very busy senior year starts for them.  College visits, applications, regular school work, and all the other pressures of senior year will wear on them and make their schedules very difficult from the first day of school – so book your senior session this summer and be done! 

So many kids want to wait until the spring of their senior year – and although I LOVE my last minute seniors, I believe they would be the first to tell you, the schedule is even CRAZIER in the spring before graduation.  So if you think you’ll put it off, you probably are saying you won’t have pictures at all, except what the school takes. If you truly want an updated spring image before you graduate, plan on a mini session in the spring – 30-45 minutes and get great photos for an announcement card, but don’t add the stress of ALL your senior photos to your plate when all you really want to do is GET OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL and be done, right?

So I offer the best special on Premium Senior Sessions of the entire year in July and August – don’t wait, book your time slot NOT to get the date/time you want, and before they all book up.  This special is HOT and it won’t be repeated before you graduate, so get the images you want, at a really great deal too!

Book a July or August Premium Senior Session, and get the MOST print credit I have EVER offered!
Yes, I’d love to get the summer bookings – so here’s the deal!
Book a July Premium Senior Session, and I’ll add $100 to your print credit!  That’s a total print credit of $425 – more than the session fee!!!


Book an August Premium Senior Session, and I’ll add $75 to your print credit!  For a total print credit of $400 – which is 100% of your session fee back!

After August 31, 2011 this print credit special is OVER.  GONE.  Not to be seen again until maybe next summer.  Guaranteed!  (of course, a Premium session does still give you a print credit, but the extra incentive won’t be there….so don’t wait!)

Why a premium session?  If you don’t already know the benefits – here’s the 411 –

  • More session time (2 hours vs 1 hour)
  • 20% off a la carte print orders and canvas products
  • Print credits back to spend like cash on ANY products!
  • Watermarked Digital Proofs to keep forever
  • Special pricing on Full Resolution Digital file packages ONLY for premium customers
  • Membership into the Premium Club where you’ll keep these benefits for EVERY SINGLE FUTURE SESSION! (ask for details please – this one is too good to pass on!)
What are you waiting for?  Do you really want to have your photos done by the school?  Have you just LOVED the images they’ve done in the past for you?????
Yes, I can offer the yearbook portrait also.  Or, let the school take that one for you and then book your casual photos with me and get what you REALLY WANT.  Great photos at an affordable price.

The fine print….

  • Cannot be applied to previous bookings.
  • ONLY for new Premium Bookings, does not apply to Premium Club Bookings (’cause you don’t need it, right?  You get a GREAT deal too)
  • Cannot be combined with any other offers or specials
  • Only applies to Premium Senior Sessions booked in the months of July or August 2011.
Common Objections I hear today… 


I want my images to match the school for yearbook consistency


Ok, I sort of get it.  As long as you are actually happy with that image, great.  Let the school take that yearbook image.  But DON’T BUY IT UNLESS YOU LOVE IT!

But why let the school take the casual photos?  Do you want to look like everyone else there too????

My aunt/dad/best friend/significant other/former babysitter/soccer coach is now a photographer and will be taking my senior pictures for me.

Ok.  Have you seen their work?  Do you love their style?  Will they be able to offer you crisp, well focused images that you can actually print?

Another option – play model for them for fun and then have your senior photos done by a professional.  Remember, this is probably the last formal portrait you’ll have done before your wedding day.  No more yearly school photos.  Why not get great photos, where you look amazing and you don’t have to worry about anything?  I’m all for startups, but don’t be fooled by someone with a “big camera”.  Anyone can buy a camera, but knowing how to use it AND making the investment in both time and the proper equipment to be prepared for all possibilities is what makes someone a professional.

Cheaper isn’t always cheaper, either.  Consider the time spent, and the results you’ll get.  If you have to do it over again in the end, was it worth it?

I want ALL the digital files and my friend/soccer coach/significant other/coworker will give them all to me

Yup, they probably will.  And what will you do with them all then?  Are they processed images?  (all digital files benefit from some form of digital processing to control noise, sharpening and enhance clarity – not to mention many of them need color balancing – especially with folks who don’t completely understand color spaces and/or white balance yet)

Here’s one for you –

If you use your friend/coworker/boyfriend, etc – will the images be edited for skin?  Well, I think this one is obvious.  Why do you want every image if you or your child isn’t looking as good as they possibly can?

And one more to consider –

Do you really need hundreds of images of the same pose, or slight variations of the same pose?  Wouldn’t you rather have someone help you select the images that make you or your child look their best?  Not every photo is a keeper…so why keep them all????

At Patty Schuchman Photography you’ll see a variety in your proofs not the same photo over and over again.  Different backgrounds, different poses…all add up to more choices!

And that’s my soapbox for this month!

Are you ready to book?  Sign up here to get more information and to find a date/time that works for your schedule!


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