Seeking Spokesmodels again! {Loudoun Senior Photographer}

So…do you know what a spokesmodel does?  That’s what I thought… most people don’t.

Basically, it’s a senior portrait session but in two parts.  The first one is an indoor session that we do in March of this year – so the spring of your junior year.  We do it that early to get a jump on the school photographer for our social media campaign to spread the word about our existence and the choice seniors have in who does their #seniorportraits.  You see, most kids AND parents don’t know they have a choice.  And we want to spread the word early.  The second part is an outdoor session you can get for FREE by sharing your images from your first session, and the BONUS are the discounts and special packages ONLY spokesmodels can even earn or purchase at big discounts.  I like my spokesmodels to get a lot of great stuff!

So we schedule the #indoorstudio session in March, get AMAZING images for you and make a small custom #digitalphotoalbum for you and your parents to share with friends, etc.  That’s it.  Just share the app with a share button IN THE APP and when others book a session because they saw your app, you get discounts off YOUR senior portraits!  Then you can schedule your outdoor session in the amazing #PortraitPark here and get even more great images to add to your bounty of options.

Seriously…it’s that easy.  No modeling necessary – as a matter of fact, I want REAL kids.  Boys AND girls.  No acting, no modeling…just real images of real seniors.  Of course, they will be great images…and there is a little bonus –

You’ll be the FIRST ONES IN THE NEW #INDOORSTUDIO!  With construction scheduled to be done 3/1, my plan is to host this year’s spokesmodels in the new space first!

Want to know what else you get in the “deal” – well check out the page with all the details – and the application.  We need current high school juniors from ALL schools – but we’ll only have two from each school in the end, so don’t wait to apply.  Spaces will fill up fast and we want them too!  We want YOU to have the experience AND get great #seniorphotos for less!


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